Christa Joy & The Honeybees

Christa Joy & The Honeybees


April 28, 2024    
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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Christa Joy’s third full-length album, “Get On, Heart!” (June, 2019) serves up twangy Americana with songs ranging from classic honky-tonk to gospel-tinged country ballads. Highlighted by No Depression’s “Crowdfunding Campaigns of the Week,” the album was recorded live in the studio with Uncanny Audio (Grant Wicks) in Easthampton, MA, after a successful kickstarter campaign. Released to a sold out Parlor Room in Northampton, MA, this collection of songs has been met with growing enthusiasm. Most notably played on Signature Sounds Jim Olsen’s “The Back Porch” radio show, Jim Neill’s Jukebox, Texas Highway Radio Show, Blue Moon Kentucky, Keepin’ It True Country, Nine Volt Heart, Vizaural Music, Country Routes News, and others.

Her band, Christa Joy and the Honeybees (Lisa Marie Ellingsen-guitar, Matt Medeiros-bass, Brian Marchese-drums, Tim Bowles-pedal steel) recorded a new full-length album with Grant Wicks at Sleeper Cave Records in 2022. The band expects to release this project in 2023.

Originally from rural Massachusetts, Christa grew up in a teacher preacher truck-driving kind of family. Writing and music were bread and butter from an early age. These days you’ll find her out with a full band, “Christa Joy and the Honeybees” (based in Easthampton, MA). You’ll also find her teaching kindergarten, sitting in a parked car scribbling down lyrics, picking wildflowers with her children, humming a new melody in a grocery line, or staring up at the night sky from her porch swing.

Joy spent the earliest years of her songwriting telling stories of her rural upbringing, the illness and death of her mother, and the brokenhearted years that followed this loss. Impermanence, separation, and the fragility of human life were themes that figured prominently in her early songwriting. Then she became a Mom in 2015. That new little being demanded her presence and Joy turned her attention back toward this most precious world. She saw it all again for the first time and experienced it all through the soft constant awareness of her little girl. She lightened up, began to laugh again, and took notes for the whole ride. These are the moments that brought together her most recent collection of songs, “Get On, Heart!” These are songs she has always dreamed of writing—the kind of music that makes you want to put your fanciest boots on, shake the dust off, and dance your heart out.