By the Glass

Prices are for 10oz / 16oz

Harlem Valley   Kolsch   5 / 7
Light, easy, refreshing   5.5%

Pill Hill American Pilsner 5 / 7
Bright, herbaceous, notes of lemongrass 5.2%

Best Fest Oktoberfest 6 / 8
Toasty, nutty, festive 6.2%

Morris Ale   ESB   5 / 7
Balanced, traditional   5.2%

Hillsdale Pale NY Pale Ale 6 / 8
Local and lively, featuring Hudson Valley malt 5.6%

Yonderview  IPA   6 / 8
Bright, hoppy, classic   6.9%

22.5  Juicy IPA   6 / 9
Hoppy, hazy, tropical   6.5%

Emma   Blackberry Sour   6 / 8
Tart, hint of lavender   5.4%

Three Sheets Belgian Tripel 8 / –
Big, fruity, fun 8.5%

Cozy Flannel Brown Ale 6 / 8
Warm, full, chocolate    6.5%

Verzamelen   Cider   8 / –
Little Apple Cidery, Hillsdale NY
Semi-dry, notes of pear  6.7%

Shamrock Cider  8 / –
Little Apple Cidery, Hillsdale NY
Pucker up! Sour apple candy, semi-dry  6.5%

Build a flight of four 5oz pours   16
Sample any 5oz pour 4
Each glass of Three Sheets or cider in your flight, or as a single 5oz pour  +1


Prices are for glass | bottle

Chardonnay   12 / 47
Ancient Peaks 2016, California

Pinot Grigio   11 / 43
Sydney Ann 2018, Italy

Côtes de Provence Rosé   11 / 43
Famille Sumeire, La Croix du Prieur 2018,  France

Cava Brut Rose  10 / 39
Dibon, Spain

Cabernet Sauvignon   10 / 39
Norton Ridge 2018, California

Pinot Noir   13 / 51
Kings Ridge 2019, Oregon

Specialty Cocktails

Thyme Gincello  14
New Amsterdam gin, house-made thyme syrup, limoncello, fresh lemon juice, club soda

Dead Man’s Handle   14
Tequila blanco, Aperol, fresh lime juice, house-made almond orgeat

Passion Fruit Caipirinha   12
Cachaca, passion fruit puree, lime, simple syrup

Lavender Haze 12
American Distilling bourbon, fresh lemon juice, house-made lavender syrup

Other Beverages

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale,
Iced Tea   3

Sparkling Fruit Punch, Lemonade   5

San Pellegrino Aranciata, Root Beer   6

San Pellegrino Sparkling Water   4


Tipsy Bavarian   13
Warm soft pretzel, RJBC beer cheese

Disco Fries   15
Hand-cut fries, melted cheddar, gravy   GF

Beer-Battered Onion Rings   13
Horseradish aioli

Crabby Trio 16
House-made crabcakes, Cajun-style aioli

Blackened Green Beans    10
Spicy aioli   GF

Nach-o Business   16
Fresh corn tortillas, RJBC beer cheese, pickled jalapenos, ground beef seasoned with beer, pico de gallo, sour cream, cilantro

Shrimp in a Jacket   15
Crispy wonton wrapper, gochujang dipping sauce

Mac-n-Cheese Bites   12

Mediterranean Platter  (serves 2)  19
House-made hummus, feta, fresh cucumber,
sun-dried tomatoes, olives, grilled artichoke hearts,
roasted red pepper, cauliflower flatbread wedges   GF

Field Trips

Add sous vide chicken to any salad  +7

Baby I’m-a Want You  17
Bread salad with tomatoes, red onion, mozzarella, yellow pepper, basil, pesto vinaigrette

Put Me In, Coach 18
Cobb salad with fried chicken, tomatoes, blue cheese crumbles, bacon, hard-boiled egg, pickled onion, romaine, red wine vinaigrette

Greek Isle   17
Crispy romaine hearts, artichokes, feta, olives, cucumber, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, Greek-style dressing  GF

Between the Buns

Choice of hand-cut fries or green salad
Substitute onion rings +2
Whole wheat bun available on request | GF bun +1

Our Famous Roe Jan Burger   20
(Local) Herondale Farms grass-fed organic beef, cheddar, bacon, caramelized beer onions
Lettuce, tomato, pickle on the side

Veggie Burger   18
House-made from beets and chickpeas
Cheddar, shredded pickled carrots, roasted garlic aioli

Bird in the Hand  18
Breaded fried chicken, sweet and spicy aioli

Drunken Pig   18
Pulled pork, coleslaw, drunken BBQ sauce

Wood-fired Beer Brat or Smoky Dog   13
with grainy mustard and 2 toppings of your choice:
Caramelized beer onions | RJBC beer cheese | sauerkraut

Crispy Cauliflower Flatbread

Thin round cheesy crust   GF

Saturday in the Park   17
Feta, roasted garlic, red onion, red bell pepper, zucchini, yellow squash

Walkin’ on Sunshine 17
Artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, parmesan, fresh basil, lemony-spinach ricotta

Road Runner   17
Fontina, corn, bacon, pickled onion, pickled jalapeno, drizzle of creamy lime-cilantro sauce

Electric Slide   17
Mozzarella, salami, arugula, Mike’s hot honey, parmesan

Humble Pie 13
Just marinara and fresh mozzarella

Sweet Treats

Dessert of the Day (ask your server)  9


16oz 4-packs

Harlem Valley   Kolsch   16

Best Fest Oktoberfest 16

Morris Ale   ESB   16

Hillsdale Pale NY Pale Ale 16

Yonderview   IPA   16

Emma   Blackberry Sour   16

Cozy Flannel Brow Ale 16

Mixed Pack   Choose any four   16


Prices are for 32oz | 64oz refills
+4 for new growler

Harlem Valley   Kolsch   8 / 16

Pill Hill American Pilsner 8 / 16

Best Fest Oktoberfest 10 / 20

Morris Ale    ESB   8 / 16

Hillsdale Pale NY Pale Ale 10 / 20

Yonderview   IPA   10 / 20

22.5  Juicy IPA   12 / 24

Emma   Blackberry Sour   10 / 20

Three Sheets Belgian Tripel 15 / 30

Cozy Flannel Brown Ale 10 / 20


RJBC Tees   25

RJBC Hats 25

RJBC Cooler   20
Holds 8 cans

RJBC Can Sleeve   5

RJBC Stainless Pint   10
$1 off each fill

RJBC Pint Glass    5

RJBC Magnet   2

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